• Percussion Circuit Championships

    Due to overwhelming growth, CIPA Percussion Championships will take place on Sunday, March 30th, 2014. These will take place at the same outstanding facility, Western Carolina University's Ramsey Center.

    Tentative times 11am-4pm. See you there!

  • Color Guard Circuit Championships

    CIPA Color Guard Championships are excited to return to the Western Carolina University's Ramsey Center on Saturday, March 29th, 2014.

  • 2014 Focus Shows

    In an effort to constantly grow our educational impact, CIPA will continue it's FOCUS show concept. These division-specific contests (i.e. Guard only, percussion only) will be aligned with clinics and other fun educational components.

    Plan to attend - more details to follow!

New website features!

Two new features went live today on CIPAonline.org!

First, the 2014 spiel sheet form is live.

Log in, and you will find the link on the right hand side in the blue 'Resources' box. 

Please fill out your spiel information at least a week before your first show. You need to fill out a separate spiel form for each unit, but you only need to fill out the form once. If you want to change anything later (new staff, show title, commentary email address, etc.) then simply fill out another form. We will always use the most recent version for your unit, and we will delete the older versions. Please note that we have to export and process this data a few days before each contest, so last minute changes should be avoided.

VERY IMPORTANT: This form provides the email address to which your judges commentary will be emailed. Without an accurate spiel form, you may not receive your judge's commentary. 

Second, there is now a form online that you can use to submit any concerns you have with a judge.

When you are logged in, a link to the form appears in the 'Resource' box and under the 'Contests' drop down menu at the top. For best results, we ask that you fill out this form within 7 days of the contest you had a concern about, but you may submit at any time. When you submit the form you will receive a confirmation, and a notification will be sent to each chief judge and the circuit president. 

We hope this will increase transparency, and provide a constructive way to better our circuit!

The 2014 season is almost here - how exciting!

2014 Color Guard Judging Panels

All 2014 Color Guard judges have been secured by circuit Chief Judge, J.R. Carlisle.  For a complete listing of color guard judges for the 2014 competitive season, please click here.

Ensemble Analysis now Design Analysis

The WGI advisory board has changed the name of the Ensemble Analysis caption to Design Analysis.

The goal of this is to help make the caption more understandable to everyone and refocus on the elements of design. Click here for an overview that was sent out to the Design Analysis judges from the WGI advisory board. If you have any questions feel free to contact J.R. Carlisle at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

You are also encouraged to review the WGI manual about this caption as well as the elements of design listed in it. You can find a link to the WGI manual on the CIPA website after you sign in. It is listed under Resources.

Upcoming Events

Special note

2014 Spiel Sheet Form Is Live!

Log in, and fill out your 2014 spiel sheet for each unit before the next contest. You should find the form under "Resources" on the right side of the page when you're logged in.

You only need to fill out the form one time, but if anything changes, just fill out a new one. We will always use the newest form for your unit and delete the others.

See you at the next show!

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