Register A CIPA Unit

2014 Membership Registration Is Open

You must be registered with a username for in order to register a unit to compete. If you haven't already, create an account today!

There are two ways to pay for that registration:

Option A) Via Paypal online. This is the fastest and easiest. As soon as your payment clears Paypal, you are registered.

Option B) Via U.S. Mail. At the end of registration you will find a payment options page. Select "Pay Later" and then"Mail In Payment." You will receive a confirmation email showing the details of your registration. Please print your confirmation email and mail it, with a check for payment, to the address indicated. You will not be registered until your paperwork is received and entered by the CIPA staff.

Read the 2014 Participant Handbook, and then click here to register your unit for the 2014 season